Aristocrat Decor

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Hi my names Renee the name thing OMG its really crazy with me I was born Jerri Renee and my little cousin couldn't pronounce my name so I became NayNay or Nay but most do know me as Renee. As for the last names well, were not going there.


I have two beautiful boys Dusty Griffin and Jimmy Greenblatt not to mention all the boys I have adopted along the way.


I have been married to actor James Marshall for 23 years now who would of thought ! Oh Jimmy is James' son its the name thing again.  I was an actress in the 90's thats how that all that happened, the reason I stopped acting well lets just say that Me Too thing well how about said No...


The white paint red lipstick thing well theres a little story there, I have have painted everything white all my life and, I have worn red lipstick eversince I could remember my oldest son Dusty's best fraiend Jamie had said that they were going to put it on my tombstone its now become a running joke lol !


I have been creating these spaces for myself, family and friends FOREVER ! The Aristocrat Decor is all about blending old and new turning a room into something that feels fresh and timeless yeat as though my dearest friend Pamela would say you have just put on an old slipper. 


My Sista from another Nicollette who buy the way talked me into getting on an Airplane to help her pick out a property and believe me no one has been able to get me on a plane in 20 years for me flying is just not right we dont have wings... Yet! Not even my husband who has begged me forever has been able to get me on a plane, she somehow managed to persuade me to do this flight I think it was Oliver her glorious  Golden Retriever who kept me calm through that one.  Her and I have spent countles hours together eating great food while dreaming up fabouluse designs  to mention buying lots of red lipstick!