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A California girl looking out for the little guys

Hi my name is Renee also known as

Nay... So what’s the story.

Well.....  One night while I was sleeping I was awakened by a swarm of bees in a dream and   I mean a swarm. There were thousands of bees surrounding I was a little hesitant toward them for obvious reasons but,  I knew somehow they didn’t want to hurt me they wanted my attention- for what?   I thought about the bees throughout that day but as days went by I had forgotten until they paid me another visit! Again, I was awakened by the swarm. 

This happened on three separate occasions and it wasn’t’ until I was in my garden that I got my ahah moment. 

I heard this loud noise but couldn’t make out what or where it was coming from it sounded  like a motor of some kind and as I looked up I realized it wasn’t a motor at all, it was a humming coming from a swarm of bees right under the tree where I was standing. There was such a vast number of bees I had never seen anything like it before especially of this magnitude. Out of fear, my first instinct was to run back into the house. Once inside I was staring out the window and something came over me and a feeling of calm and peace pushed me back outside because I knew those very special bees were not there to hurt me.

As I was in the garden  I looked up and at that moment  just like in my dream I was standing with the bees  that’s when I said ok you’ve got my attention! Now what? I had no idea what I was going to do I didn’t have any kind of power or funding. Why were the bees coming to me? I thought about this deeply and I said to myself well, I can ignore this or I can try to make some kind of difference but if I didn’t try I would never know and that never knowing is what motivated me. I didn’t want to live with what the question, “of what if”?

So one afternoon while sitting in my office I was staring at this beautiful glass bottle of oil  that I had created and developed. I realized how the bees were responsible for this luxurious product and that’s when it hit me. I was going to make oil for the bees! I wanted to raise money and find a way to help protect them. The conception of Bee Beautiful Bee was created at that moment and became a reality soon after. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it !


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