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The things we can do with hedges...Simply Fun

Hedges can be a great way to add natural borders or dividers to your yard. Picture, if you will, the towering hedges on the grounds of an English estate or bordering the yard of a quaint cottage.

Many different plants can be utilized to create hedges; some you may never have expected. Layering different shades, textures, and shapes are just a few of the things that can completely change the look of your garden.

Hedges can be manipulated to fit any landscape setting or any shape for that matter. Topiaries can add a touch of elegance or whimsy to a garden depending on the shape.

Hedges can be strictly decorative or they can instill privacy in a busy neighborhood. They can be functional or just plain fun – hedge maze, anyone? Even adding a small hedge to the edge of a flower bed can be a lovely and simple way bring more interest and frame the space.

We’ve collected a varied array of hedges to interest and inspire your creative landscaping ideas.

Whether you live in a quiet country cottage or a sprawling estate complete with lavish gardens – if you’re looking for a more controlled, manicured look or just want something natural and easy to take care of, we’ve found something for you.

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